Pyramid in Greek means Pyro = Fire = Energy, Amid = Middle = Center = Nucleus. A pyramid is purely a drugless therapy. There are no side effects of it. Sitting under a pyramid can be an effective technique for stress management. Pyramid shaped rooms can be built in residences or recreation centers as a relaxation area.

The geometry of the pyramid liberates a very strong pranic field or bio-energy inside it. Due to this property pyramid is beneficial in increasing the bio-energy of human being. It also increases the bio-energy level of vegetables, foods, water, milk, etc. when kept inside it for a certain period. And by consuming these products that energy is absorbed by the human body. The body, plants, animals and minerals are all based on geometric Pythagorean principles and the pyramid is based on the human ratio that is the exact ratio of the 51 degree pyramid. So when you are inside it, it is extremely similar to yourself but in perfect order, so it brings order back to yourself. The best similar is something that radiates in perfect harmony as you would if you were in prefect harmony. The apex of the pyramid releases energy which is hot in nature and the energy released from the base gives a cooling effect. These factors are to be borne in mind while using pyramid. The common thread is that all these researchers have shown that the pyramid shape has an effect on humans, both physically and mentally.  It is also known that people have claimed to have beneficial effects by meditating under and near pyramid shapes.

Pyramids are found all over the planet and are mainly based on the geometric proportion of the octahedron, which is the diamond shape of two pyramids mirrored. The angle of the octahedron pyramid changes to reflect the mathematical position that the Earth has in relationship to our Solar System and the orbiting moon around it. In contrast to this, the Great Pyramid and others at Cheops in Egypt are different, they have a 51 degree angle that correlates to the principles of measurement that include the circumference of the earth, the distance between the earth and the moon and the distance between the earth and the sun. These proportions give the Great Pyramid the ability to be a transmitter receiver of highly advanced races. For such communication it requires highly advanced understanding of one’s true place in their solar system. It is a representation of the truth on a very advanced level. When a form like this is built, it sends out a message through the cosmos to other races and planets that may have other beings on it of the exact same Law of the Truth. Telepathically all of our energy can be receptive on a galactic level and enhance the evolution of ourselves and those other beings through applied geomancy. The Great Pyramid is a principle of communication for that purpose. Different geometric shapes can direct and concentrate energy. The pyramid form directs the electromagnetic energy surrounding the earth and from the stars and other planets. The energy moves from the sides to the top of the pyramid. A vortex of energy is formed and spirals up from the top of the pyramid and down to the base. Looking like an hourglass. When the energy is polarized a 90 degree angle is formed with the sides of the pyramid forming 4 triads in the pyramid.

Pyramid Geometry Energy has been used by most enlightened societies around the world. Pyramid Geometry, attracts all available Energy Particles from its surrounding. Dome geometry, stores the energy forces field. All religious buildings are built with Pyramid and Dome synthesis. Temples, Churches, Mosques, and Pagodas, have a Pyramid shaped structure a top. Temples have shikhar, Church has a steeple, Mosques and Pagodas have a cone shaped minaret or roof. When you enter any religious building, at once you are overwhelmed, by the unique, soothing environment.

Egyptians were the pioneers in this field. They were the first to employ pyramids for preserving dead body cells. Mayans usually performed religious rituals and ceremonies in pyramidal structures. Even the modern organizational structures are pyramidal – one person at the top and the hierarchy widening down the line. This philosophy is based on the interactions of various energy patterns. Pyramid produces an energy field.  The largest research project in the world today was done by Russian and Ukrainian researchers.  This research was done in more than 20 large pyramids that were built in 8 different locations in Russia and the Ukraine in the last 10 years.

Pyramids can be used for non invasive treatment of diseases in which the role of free radicals and reactive oxygen species has been implicated. Many pyramidologists have already claimed that they have cured many such diseases. The pyramids are microprocessors of cosmic energy and wrapped in a hallucinating mystery.

The experiences of meditating inside a Pyramid are remarkable. A person meditating in a pyramid shows EEG patterns akin to that seen in people doing transcendental meditation. People get a feeling of relaxation, clairvoyance, clairaudience and tranquility. . If you read inside the pyramid, you can do it with greater concentration and understanding. If you sleep in a pyramid, their sleep will be deep and they wake up refreshed; only few hours of sleep will give total relaxation. Women sleeping in pyramids get their periods regular and normal and stop any dysmenorhoea. Water placed in the pyramid has curative properties especially for chronic skin disorders. USA has shown that growth rate of plants increase by 15% when grown by the electromagnetic phenomenon within the Pyramid. Pyramid can put a break to the ageing process, as demonstrated in lower forms of life. Pyramids accumulate several different types of energies like negative ions, electromagnetic and cosmic vibrations. Even grains of sand from certain places have positive therapeutic effects due to their pyramidal shape. The Soviets in their pyramid Research Department of Leningard University are well ahead and have even instruments to measure pyramid power and they are on the brink of some exciting discoveries like negative ion green therapy.

The Pyramids can help to give painless labour to the pregnant women. It can cure mental ailments with minimal drugs, chronic skin diseases like Psoriasis. It is the lasting cure for Bronchial Asthma, Eczema, and other allergic conditions Rheumatoid arthritis and similar collagen and autoimmune diseases. The Pyramids help to increase crop yield by 3 times, correct faulty vision, deafness, increase longevity of life, increase the 1Q of children and increase your vitality and sex drive. . It is probably most effective in Hypertension, Ischemic heart diseases, and Degenerative diseases like Diabetic Osteoarthritis. It is proving to be the answer for cancer which is very favourably influenced even with minimum drugs. Housing in pyramids during chronic restraint attenuates stress induced increase in neuroendocrine and oxidative stress in the adults. Thus, pyramid acts as an effective anti-stressor during stress. Certain environments are healthier than others and are famous for their relaxing air and curative properties because of the high concentration of negative ions there. Pyramids provide one such environment. The pyramids are storehouses of energy drawn from the universe. The Power of the Pyramid was obtained through a blending of the radiated cosmic energy with that of the gravitational force of earth.