Many times we think what could be the life after death. Is there soul? Is there re-birth? Who could have made the universe? Where is God?  Like law of gravitation which we claim as we have discovered it but the fact is that it has been there even before inventing. Who decided these laws? There is so much of mysteries in the universe. In life, we study, do jobs or set up business, get married and try to reach the height of maximum possible luxuries, endure desires and expectations. Where to go and how to begin? Who decides our destiny? So many religions, choosing religions should be by choice or by birth? There are many questions in life apart from routine work like earning, entertaining, eating, sleeping etc. To try to get the answers of these queries and for general well being resulted in the idea of setting up of The Mind Tunning Center (modern ashram / spiritual retreat) to access the extraordinary power of own intuition, creativity, vibrant health and to provide a wonderful environment to experience the uplifting feeling of a united brotherhood. A spiritual retreat for purification, relaxation and rejuvenation. Deeply spiritual place filled with new enlivening and soul boosters. A perfect environment for renewal. We must work towards living within society while also cultivating our inner spiritual life. Stay for one week and experience various therapies to differentiate from routine life. We want everything ‘permanent’ in a ‘temporary’ life. Think of Days Balance rather than Money Balance. Life is about 70 to 90 years and calculate how many years remain with you. The following is only part of the entire concept. Life is about how you tune your mind.

Activities of The Mind Tuning Center:




  • Near Death  Experience Therapy / Coffin Therapy: As we prepare for Birth, Marriage etc. there should be preparation for Death. Potent holistic body mind spirit experiences.
  • Laughing Therapy: Laughter stimulates the immune system, off-setting the immunosuppressive effects of stress. Laughter Decreases “Stress” Hormones. Nature’s stress buster
  • Dancing Theraphy : By moving the body within a guided therapeutic setting, a healing process begins. To express powerful emotions and to promote personal growth, health and well-being.
  • Sacred Chanting: Relax & Restructure everyday and revitalize.
  • To Search An Enlightened Teacher : In our day & age it is difficult to come across an enlightened teacher who would be able to create a space of heightened awareness necessary to replenish our soul  and transformational process. To overcome obstacles and energetic blockage to peace, ego, anger, greed, temptation, stress and fear
  • Water Therapy, Mass Meditation & Spa Retreat: Holy bathing under the water fall with Aroma, Ayurvedic Massage and Spa. Rediscover yourself through angelic channeling.
  • Transformative Workshop Life Energizer Seminars on All Religions Rituals, Superstition, Astrology, etc.: scholars to give thought – provoking & inspiring lectures on an infinite range of subjects in divine surroundings.
  • Colour Therapy: To cleanse balance and strengthen seven energy centers.
  • Aroma Therapy: Lift your spirit and heal your tensions.
  • Music Therapy: Reliever of stress.
  • Pyramid Therapy: Deepen Experience of Meditation.
  • Reiki: Removes blocks to the flow of energy.
  • Yoga: process of self realization. Yoga works on the lines of perseverance, persistence, dedication and total surrender
  • Spiritual Paintings Gallery & Library
  • Research On Rebirth & Occult
  • Vedic Wedding
  • Corporate conferences hall as per vastu shashtra in vibrant, positive mood.
  • World conferences on astrology, Motivational lectures.
  • To offer organic food in Resort.


More concepts, more themes, more ideas in the progress…